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Welcome to Bella Biochar Corporation!

We make biomass beautiful! The health of the earth and all of its creatures is our business.

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At Bella Biochar we are passionate about soil health, animal health and human health. We specialize in producing high quality Biochar, Sawdust and a Bio Blend of both, tailored
to meet your needs. 
Bella Biochar.

What We Offer 




We make biomass beautiful!


Animal Care

❖ Animal Bedding for increased moisture absorption, odour reduction, increased milk and meat production, improved animal health

❖ Feed Additive for improved animal health and digestion along with rapid weight gain 

❖ Manure Management / Reduction of Greenhouse Gases 

Soil Amendment

❖ Carbon Sequestration

❖ Reduced nutrient leaching

❖ Reduced soil acidity

❖ Reduced irrigation and fertilizer requirements

❖ Increased crop yields

❖ Reduction of drought impact on soil

❖ Medium in Nursery Production


❖ Durable ecological filter medium used in drinking water

❖ Aquarium cleaner

Water Filtration

Green Roofs

❖ Reduction in leaching and solar radiation

❖ Sorbent material for removing contaminants from water and gas

❖ Colorant and/or purifying agent in food and cosmetics

❖ Various Medical/Chemical applications

❖ Cement-concrete constructions can be made 20% stronger and 50% more watertight